Checklists for Boundary Bay - Fraser River Estuary area
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MAMMALS of the Boundary Bay watershed and
nearby waters

AMPHIBIANS of the Boundary Bay watershed

BIRDS of the Boundary Bay watershed    

Freshwater and Marine
Fish of Boundary Bay,
including the Boundary Bay watershed (Nicomekl, Serpentine, Little
Campbell Rivers and California and Dakota Creeks WA), the Fraser River
estuary and Boundary Bay marine waters




Checklists for
British Columbia

Although we
specialise in Boundary
Bay and the Fraser
River estuary,
we also
have a large collection of
British Columbia regional
bird checklists that are
not posted. If you are
interested in checklists or
information for other
birding and nature
viewing locations in
British Columbia,
us and we will try and
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Annex Site for
A Nature Guide to
Boundary Bay
by Anne Murray
with photographs by
David Blevins
MAMMALS of Boundary Bay watershed &
nearby waters - a different version (pdf)