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Nature Guides BC is a small writing and  publishing company based in British
Columbia, Canada, specialising in the natural history of the Fraser Estuary and
Boundary Bay. This geographic area, lying immediately south of the city of
Vancouver B.C., is the foremost Important Bird Area (IBA) in Canada, visited by
millions of migratory birds, of many different species.

Our goal is to foster interest in nature and conservation, especially in areas
undergoing rapid urbanisation, and to encourage birdwatching and nature

On this website you can buy several  
books on nature and the ecological history of
Boundary Bay and the Fraser Estuary, as well as a guide to growing native plants in
the dry Interior. Visit our
Blog for photographs and articles on nature throughout
British Columbia. Go to the
Annex tab for checklists to plants and animals of the
Fraser Estuary. Our
Links page will connect you to dozens of organizations in the
Lower Mainland B.C. and beyond with interests covering birds, plants, butterflies,
archaeology, history, and much more.
                 International Ornithological Congress
                           Vancouver, B.C. Canada
                              19-26 August 2018

Visiting Vancouver for
IOC 2018?

Many field trips and talks will focus on the world-famous Fraser River Delta and
Estuary. Boundary Bay lies at the heart of the delta. Get a head start on learning
about the ecology and species found throughout the estuary by reading our guide
A Nature Guide to Boundary Bay and Tracing Our Past ~ A Heritage Guide
to Boundary Bay.  
Read on to see how to order. We ship worldwide. Sign up for field
trips to the Delta on the IOC website.

Exploring Boundary Bay and the Fraser Delta?  

For field trips in the area, check out
Delta Naturalists' Society, Nature Vancouver
BC Nature, and buy one of our popular guide books (see below) for self-guided
Brochures on a number of nature topics and events are available from Birds
on the Bay.

Contact Nature Guides BC for more information on observing nature in B.C or
planning your ecotourism trip. We can recommend the best places to see different
species. Many
organizations and ecotourism operators run trips to see local
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Tracing Our Past ~ A Heritage Guide
to Boundary Bay
by Anne Murray, photographs by David Blevins
An ecological history of the land south of the
Fraser River
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A Nature Guide to Boundary Bay by
Anne Murray, photographs by David Blevins  
The essential guide to birding and exploring
nature south of the Fraser River
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Cultivating the Wild: Gardening with
Native Plants of BC's Southern Interior
and eastern Washington
by Eva Durance
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Nature Guides BC
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    Georgia Basin Habitat Atlas: Boundary Bay
    Friends of Semiahmoo Society and Community Mapping
    Network, ed. Anne Murray. More info or to  
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    Want More info?  
    Read reviews and check out  David Blevins photographs
    Places to stay near Boundary Bay
    Nesting Barn Swallows, Fraser River
    Delta,  BC; photo Anne Murray
    Information for Birders,
    Naturalists, and other Visitors

    Annotated bird checklist for the      
    Boundary Bay area

    Best Birding Spots in Vancouver
    as described by Nature Vancouver
    Black Bear, Manning Park, BC
    Popular guides to nature in the Fraser River delta &
    Vancouver area

    Boundary Bay, B.C.
    Guide to Marine Life in BC:
    Explore the Rocky Shore at Stanley Park

    Sheila Byers, Nature Vancouver
    Anne Murray has written many columns in the Georgia Straight online
    newspaper, the
    Delta Optimist, Surrey North Delta Leader, and Peace Arch
    and for BCNature. She has also contributes to Birdwatching magazine.
    Snowy Owl on Boundary Bay;
    photo: Felicity Jenkins

    Boundary Bay and the Fraser
    River Estuary

    Organizations: nature,
    conservation, heritage...

    Annex site for Nature Guide:
    Boundary Bay info, bird, plant and
    animal checklists and mor
    Delta Naturalists' Society
    Based in Delta, this group has a
    monthly meeting in Tsawwassen
    and mid-week casual birding trips
    to locations all around the Lower
    Mainland and beyond.
    Check their blog